Justin Halbersma’s Talk at NEXT 2012

Rev. Justin shares his passion for young people and their role in the Church and in the world. He challenges students to take the lead in beginning conversations with church leaders–including urging STUDENTS to save their money and INVITE local church leaders and friends out for a meal or coffee.


GBHEM Higher Education Night at GC2012

Higher Education Night with The General Board of Higher Education and Ministry of the United Methodist Church celebrating all the diversity and goodness of GBHEM and the United Methodist Church. http://www.gbhem.org “A passion for excellence in higher education and in ministry has always been a part of our Wesleyan heritage. Since its earliest days, our … Continue reading

VIDEO: UMCollegiate at General Conference

a few quick updates from UM Collegiate Ministers abt the role of college students and young adults at General Conference 2012. Thanks to Revs. Rob Rynders, Theon Johnson III, Eduardo Bousson, Alissa Bertsch Johnson, and David Goolsby.

Collegiate Ministry in the Ukraine: student testimony

a student testimony from United Methodist Collegiate Ministry in the Ukraine (submitted by intern Nick Haigler)

Video: A New Day is Dawning

A video sharing our vision of UM Collegiate Ministry!

VIDEO: Vance Rains on Leadership & Reading

Vance Rains, Director of the Florida State Wesley Foundation (fsuwesley.com ) speaking briefly on the importance of Reading & Leadership for Chaplains and Campus Ministers. There’s also mention of Harry Potter & the ‘Genius Hour.’

New Ministry: The Foundery // Savannah, GA

What would it look like if we planted a church downtown whose main goal was to reach out to SCAD students, but also serves the greater community?

New Campus Ministry: Detroit, MI

Josh felt called to keep serving the city during his final year at Wayne State University. So, with a grant Josh and a cohort of his friends set out to re-start a United Methodist sponsored campus ministry at WSU after a 10-year absence….

“Identifying Your Mission Field” w/ Creighton Alexander

Creighton on knowing your context: “[chaplains and campus ministers] have to become cultural anthropologists and social anthropologists on your campus. You have to find the things that make it tick–it is a unique environment like no other college.”

2011 Baker Award: Rev. Kristin Stoneking

In July 2011 part of the UM Collegiate Ministry team was able to sit down with Rev. Kristin Stoneking Campus Minister and Director of the CA House at the University of California in Davis, CA to talk about the Bishop James C. Baker Scholarship. The CA house is a remarkable residential, intentional, and mutli-faith community … Continue reading