Gungor to play at NEXT

It has just been announced that Gungor will be leading worship Saturday night at NEXT 2012, a United Methodist Student Gathering in St. Louis, MO November 9-11, 2012. Gungor, a Denver based musical collective centered around husband and wife duo Lisa and Michael Gungor, has received multiple Grammy nominations, magazine covers, and and even some “album of the year” mentions for their 2010 album Beautiful Things.” For the past few seasons, Gungor has been touring and creating what they call “Beautiful Things Events,” composed of three movements which “explored the intersecting of ideas like art and spirituality, faith and doubt, hope and social action.” The video “Dry Bones” (below) is an example of these experiential events:

Suggested genres for Gungor’s music have been ‘pop,’ ‘folk,’ and ‘alternative,’ but they are a group that is not easily categorized. Here’s a bit on their musical style from their bio: The best things in life are often hard to describe. But because it is humankind’s natural instinct to understand the world, there is an attempt to box things into categories. Even the most complex feelings and emotions are neatly organized with made-up labels that over simplify the most beautiful complexities of existence. Music is no different.

Most recently, Gungor has begun a Kickstarter campaign to record a live album (CD & DVD) to help bring the ‘live’ experience to more people. The project leads with this description: “At the heart of Gungor’s music is that corporate transcendent experience that can happen when people get together to worship.  Our music has always been designed to draw the listener into a moment of connection with the Divine.  For this reason, our live shows are a very important part of our work.  The live shows aren’t simply the places that we market the songs that we previously recorded; they are the places of connection from the music to real human faces, joy and pain.  It is abstraction moving to connection.  I think this is part of why people keep asking us for a live album.

Imagine What’s NEXT is a new collegiate student event that will challenge and inspire United Methodist college students to consider and plan the next faithful steps for their vocations, their communities, the church, and the world.  All United Methodist college students and collegiate ministers are encouraged to participate in NEXT for a weekend of fellowship, worship, and inspiration. Through a series of short talks, speakers and leaders will discuss innovative discipleship and will challenge students to consider their own next steps in their communities and through future vocations. Students and leaders will be engaged together in dynamic worship, imaginative play, and affinity-group discussions.

Find out more about NEXT 2012 on Facebook: and follow NEXT on twitter @nextumc.


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