New Campus Ministry: Detroit, MI

Over the course of 2012 we’ll be following several NEW and RE-STARTING college ministries–all the way from Alaska to Florida! The post today is from Carl Gladstone and CATALYST at Wayne State–a campus ministry restart in Detroit, MI.

“Three years ago Josh McKamie decided that he wanted to do something for Detroit.  After a Summer serving as an intern with the United Methodist Young Leaders Initiative, Josh felt called to keep serving the city during his final year at Wayne State University.  So, with a grant from the Division On Ministries With Young People Josh and a cohort of his friends set out to re-start a United Methodist sponsored campus ministry at WSU after a 10-year absence.

That’s how Catalyst at Wayne State was born.  Now in its third year, Catalyst borrows from creative campus ministry models at

selling mud mats

Wesley Foundations around the UMC in creating opportunities for students to explore faith and service.  Plus, in the second semester of each year, each Catalyst student receives a micro-grant of $100 to create their own mission/ministry projects in and around Detroit.

As the basis for the program, these projects seek to engage undergradutates and their social networks as “missional entrepreneurs” for the transformation of the Church and World.  Projects have included:

  • Art supply donation drives from Detroit churches for schools in South America,
  • Food desert tours in Detroit to lift up the problems of nutrition for the urban poor, and
  • Mud mat sales to support Cass Community Social Services, a critical United Methodist founded  agency serving the homeless of Detroit [see video above for more on this project]

Now with a new class of student leaders, Catalyst continues to create new spaces for new students to experience God’s justice, love, and mercy.  Plus, this re-born campus ministry gives the United Methodists of Metro-Detroit something to celebrate in an era when other parts of the church are shrinking.

If you’d like to stay informed about WSU Catalyst please follow us on Facebook or join our E-newsletter.  If you’d like to support a student micro-grant, please visit our WSU Catalyst home page.  Thanks and peace!

– The WSU Catalyst Team”


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