Resource: blogging w/ Guy Chmieleski

This week we’d like to highlight the importance of staying connected to other campus ministers and chaplains–people who understand the challenges of and specific nature of working with college students. There are a multitude of electronic ways of staying connected to what’s going on in campus ministry and the latest news–blogging is one example and Guy Chmieleski, University Minister at Belmont University in Nashville TN, maintains one such example of blogging for college ministry professionals done well: Faith On Campus.

Here’s Guy on why blogging is important for campus ministers: “Blogging can be one of the most up to date resources we have–it is a chance for someone to put out things they are thinking about right at that moment–we don’t have to wait for print.” It is a “this is what I’m thinking about now” kind of resource. It is also a way for campus ministry professionals to interact through comments and discussions that arise from the interactive nature of blogs. This past July he offered a workshop at both Prepare 2011: A New Training Event for UM Chaplains and Campus Ministers AND the United Methodist Campus Ministry Association Gathering (both in Nashville, TN).

Several times a week, if not daily, Guy posts thought provoking articles from his own writings or from guests–including the likes of Brian McLaren (emergent church ‘father’) and a few UM Campus Ministers and Chaplains including Michael McCord (GBHEM UM Collegiate Ministry, Director of Training and Resources) and Ashlee Alley (Chaplain/Campus Minister at Southwestern College in Winfield, KS). Take some time (today or every week/day) to read AND interact with these posts–which Guy always end with engaging questions that are meant to be answered and discussed–that’s part of how blogging and the discussions their posts begin can help us to interact and learn from each others’ areas of expertise and talent.

Be especially sure to check out the August 2-4th “Back to school blogathon” featuring 14 articles about campus ministry from 14 guest writers (including several UM college ministers). As Guy wrote: “with the new school year just around the corner I thought it might be a good time to come together for some collective thinking and sharing about how to make the most of this critical time of the year!” Join in the conversation and remember to stay connected!


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